3-Unit, Framework-Based LIBR Course

By Julie Cornett, Cerro Coso Community College

We are proposing a new 3-unit, framework-based LIBR course that will (fingers crossed) meet CSU Area E Lifelong Learning as well as being an additional way for students to meet our Local AA Information Competency requirement. The course will use a Framework-based approach to teach advanced library research skills, media literacy, and critical inquiry while also analyzing the social, psychological, and physiological impacts of living in an information-saturated society. We are keeping our current 1-unit LIBR course as a lower-credit option for meeting the Information Competency requirement for students pursuing our Local AA. The new 3-unit course will be targeted to transfer students who currently are not required to take the 1-unit course. A big shout out to Kathleen Ennis at Modesto City College for sharing her proposed course outline with us to get us started with ours! We are hoping the course is approved so we can offer it next fall.