Mailing List Information

The four lists used by the CCL/CCLC community are the following:

Open to all California Community College librarians, library staff, managers, and deans. To join this list, visit the following URL:!forum/cclibrarians-all/join
Open to California Community College leaders. To join this list, visit the following URL:!forum/cclibrarians-chiefs/join
Open to members of the CCL-EAR Committee.
Open to members of the CCL Board of Directors.

CCL mailing lists are administered via Google Groups. Here is a two-minute tutorial on configuring Google accounts to receive mailing list messages at your work email.

The state Chancellor's Office also provides a mailing list for California community college librarians, CCC-LIB-LRC@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET, which you can join on the list homepage. The LSP Project has a dedicated general listserv that is available through (under LSP). Other relevant mailing lists include ALA's Community and Junior College Library Section (CJCLS) list and the California Academic & Research Libraries (CARL) list.