Resource Categories
Education Code (i.e. laws resulting from legislation). Community colleges are covered in Title 3, Division 7. Notable sections for libraries:
  • Responsibility to provide library services (78100)
  • Librarian on duty (78103)
  • 50% law (84362)
  • Definition of instructional and technology-based materials (60010)
California Code of Regulations, Title 5 (Board of Governors). Community colleges are in Division 6. Notable sections for libraries:
  • Minimum qualifications (53410)
  • Annual report to the Chancellor (55800)
  • Credit instructional services standards (58722)
  • Minimum number of librarians (58724)
  • Library space standards (57030) - Repealed
Financial (Lottery, IELM)
America Rescue Plan Federal Stimulus 2021 (Chancellor's Office)
Physical Plant and Instructional Equipment Guidelines 2019-20 (Chancellor's Office)
IELM Guidelines 2001-2002 (Chancellor’s Office)
Lottery Apportionment Figures (State Controller's Office)
Lottery Revenue-Accounting Advisory Memo 2000 (Chancellor’s Office)
Lottery Revenue-Accounting Advisory 2000 Clarification (Chancellor’s Office)
Lottery Revenue Legal Opinion 2000 (Chancellor’s Office)
Use of Lottery Funds (Department of Education)
Proposition 20 – Allocation of Lottery Funds for Instructional Materials (Department of Education)
ACRL Standards for Libraries in Higher Education (2011, revised 2018)
ACRL Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries (2012, revised 2018)
ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education (2016)
ACRL Joint Statement on Faculty Status of College and Faculty Librarians (2009)
ASCCC Standards of Practice for California Community College Library Faculty and Programs (2010)
ACCJC Standards — ASCCC Resolution Response to Draft ACCJC Standards (2013)
Anti-Racism: A Student Plan of Action (SSCCC, 2021)
Academic Library Impact on Student Learning and Success (ACRL, 2017)
Documented Library Contributions to Student Learning and Success (ACRL, 2016)
Academic Library Contributions to Student Success: Documented Practices from the FIeld (ACRL, 2015)
Bridging the Librarian-Faculty Gap in the Academic Library (Gale/LJ, 2015)
Assessment in Action : Academic Libraries and Student Success (ACRL)
Vision Resource Center (Formerly Professional Learning Network Resources)
Value of Academic Libraries (ACRL, 2010)
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) Resolutions and Papers Pertaining to Libraries
The Role of Library Faculty in the California Community College (Spring 2019)
Updating of ASCCC Papers on Library Faculty and Libraries in the California Community Colleges (Fall 2017)
Inclusion of Library Faculty on College Cross-Functional Teams for Guided Pathways and Other Student Success Initiatives (Fall 2017)
Inclusion of Information Competency in College Institutional Learning Outcomes (Fall 2017)
Resolution in Support of a Statewide Integrated Library System (Fall 2016)
Resolution on the Importance of Direct Links to the Library on College Websites (Spring 2016)
Response to Draft ACCJC Standards (2013)
Standards of Practice for California Community College Library Faculty and Programs (Fall 2010)
Library Faculty in California Community College Libraries: Qualifications, Roles, and Responsibilities (Spring 1996)
27 September 2023 Wednesday Webinar:
CCL Deans & Directors Update, 2015-2020 CCC Annual Library Data Survey Analysis Presentation (2022)
Library Reopening Plans (2021)
Annual Data Survey: Report for 2007-2008 through 2013-2014
CCL Student Learning Outcomes Compilation (2016)
CCL Information Literacy Survey (2014/2015)
Collection of Guided Pathways Resources
CCL Timeline of Creating the Consortium
CCL/CCLC MOU Regarding the LSP Project
Position Statement on Library User Privacy
Intellectual Freedom (ALA)
Library Bill of Rights (ALA)
Patron Privacy Rights (ALA)
Privacy Rights Policy Creation (ACRL)
Stanford Statement on Patron Privacy and Database Access
Creating A Library Presence in Canvas (Council of Chief Librarians)
CARL Newsletter (California Academic and Research Libraries)
CCL Outlook (Council of Chief Librarians)
The Rostrum (Academic Senate for California Community Colleges)
First Friday (California Community Colleges, Academic Affairs Division)
Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) Newsletter (California Community Colleges)
Doing What Matters (California Community Colleges)
Government Relations Newsletter (Community College League of California)
Perspectives (RP Group)
The Role of Librarians in Guided Pathways Reforms (Community College Research Center)