Introduction to Open Educational Resources Workshops

By Rachel Arteaga, Butte College

OER Coordinator and Biology faculty Suzanne Wakim and Librarian Rachel Arteaga are on their third semester conducting their Introduction to Open Educational Resources workshops for Butte College faculty and as an open Canvas course to anyone interested in the topic. In addition to these workshops, Suzanne and Rachel are also working with the faculty to develop a ZTC degree in Psychology and a ZTC certificate in Child Development. Faculty from many different disciplines use OER in their classes. For this school year (2017-2018), Butte College has 62 instructors teaching 125 ZTC sections. This number has been steadily increasing since Butte College first began ZTC efforts in 2016. Since the Fall semester of 2016, students have saved nearly $1 million dollars in textbook costs (approximately $950,000). More recently Suzanne and Rachel have started to work with several students to help promote and educate the student body about ZTC classes and their new designation in the course catalog. Link to Canvas course: