Two Year Talk, A Blog for Librarians at Two-Year Colleges

This new blog expressly focused on two year libraries is off to an impressive start! Readers and Contributors are sought.

The URL for the blog is

To be set up as a blog author, go to and create an account.  Then send your WordPress username or e-mail address to Kristin Snawder at When you submit a post for publication, it will go into “Pending” status until an editor reviews it and “Publishes” it.

There is also a Two Year Talk Google Group, which works as a forum to discuss issues, concerns, topics, etc.  (I think this was because no-one in our crowd knew how to set up a listserv. If anyone wants to set up a listserv, anecdotally I’ve noticed that participation/responses seem to be greater via email than via the Google Group.) To join the Google Group, contact: Brad Matthies [].