reported by Dan Crump

The Annual Data Survey for 2013-14 should be sent out to all the CCC libraries within the next month (fingers crossed).  LLRAC and CCL will be reviewing proposed changes (minor, I promise) before it is sent out.

We all want to make as much use possible of the data that is collected each year.  It could be useful for such purposes as comparisons with CCC libraries that are similar to you in size or location.  And there are possible uses in the institutional research for accreditation studies.

To that end, CCL has contracted with a researcher to work on making the collected data available in Excel---ALL data (or most of it) for ALL the colleges.

And we hope to go back in time with this.  The researcher will first be working on the data collected for the 2011-12 and 2012-13 academic years.  And when the data for the 2013-14 is collected, that will be included.  And hopefully, we will be able to go back in years and provide data back to 2001.

On the Chancellor’s Office website ( -- System Operations/Division/Academic Affairs/Library and Learning Resources

there is currently a file that covers several data points (library print and electronic expenditures, FTES, and library hours) for the 2011-10 academic years.  As I mentioned, the plan is to expand that file to include all the relevant data points.

Timeline---completion by the end of the year (holiday present for me) and, definitely, presentation at the CCL Library Leadership Meeting in March.