reported by Dan Crump

Upcoming ASCCC Events

Student Equity and Success Regional Meetings September 26 American River College
September 27 Mt San Antonio College
Curriculum Regional Meetings October 17 Sacramento City College
  October 18 Riverside City College
Area Meetings (for Plenary Session) October 24 Cosumnes River College (A)
  October 24 Los Medanos College (B)
  October 25 Santa Barbara City College (C)
  October 25 Santa Ana College (D)
Fall Plenary Session November 13-15 Irvine
Accreditation February 20-21 San Mateo
Academic Academy March 13-14 Costa Mesa


Open Education Resources (OER)


The Open Education Resources Council (created by SB 1052 and 1053, passed in the last legislative session) have selected the five courses for which affordable, open source textbooks and related materials will be identified or developed.  Cheryl Stewart (librarian at Coastline College) is one of the two CCC faculty members on the Council.


The first five courses are:

  • Introduction to Statistics (C-ID number of MATH110)
  • Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM 110)
  • Principles of Microeconomics  (ECON 201)
  • Public Speaking (COMM 110)
  • US History to1877 (HIST 130)



Adult Education


To keep current on AB 86 (discussion about adult education and noncredit), I suggest that you subscribe to the newsletter for AB 86 information---



Grants Initiatives


Online Education Initiative (OEI)---

Common Assessment Initiative (CAI)---

Educational Planning Initiative---


The ASCCC heavily involved in the three statewide technology initiatives, with ASCCC Executive Committee members serving as co- or vice-chairs on all three steering committees---John Freitas (OEI), Craig Rutan (CAI) and Cynthia Rico (EPI).





  • Papers on topics including Senate-Union Relations, Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs),and  Part-Time Issues.
  • Exemplary Program Award---deadline is November 11, 2014.
  • ASCCC is now on Facebook.
  • September Rostrum is online.
  • Disciplines List Process has started