Santa Rosa Junior College

SRJC Librarians Loretta Esparza and Alicia Virtue’s chapter entitled “Art Meets Education through Technology,” was recently approved for publication in the 2015 book “E-Learning Innovations in Academic Libraries.”

Inspired by digital museum tours, Esparza and Virtue discuss their efforts to increase the practical quality of each student encounter with artworks found in SRJC’s Doyle Library by developing e-learning tools and creating “interactive, multimedia art enrichment zones” through a successful outreach project called Art Talk.

Art Talk takes the physical art pieces, created by faculty and staff, and supplements them with e-learning tools. These components build an aesthetic experience leading to deeper understanding of the art. Using smartphones, students scan a QR code to watch videos of more than 100 artists giving firsthand explanations of their inspirations for each piece, methodology in the creative process, and special advice for students. Some artists also provide glimpses into their sketchbooks. Coupled with artist statements, biographies and links to relevant library resources, these enrichment zones create a personalized and accessible environment. Art Talk can also be accessed through the SRJC library website at

W. Cherry Li-Bugg, Dean III, Learning Resources and Educational Technology at Santa Rosa, and a long time member of the CCL Board has accepted the position of Vice Chancellor, Educational Services and Technology at North Orange Community College District.