Laney College

Autumn Sullivan is the new Access/Collection/Technical Services Librarian at Laney College.  Autumn brings extensive experience from the Oakland Public Library system as well as several years of service at Laney College, including one year as acting Acquisitions Librarian.


Angela McGowen, part-time Reference Librarian at Laney College, completed her MLIS from San Jose State University over the summer.  Angela took part in the faculty internship program at Laney College in spring 2014.  She is also employed at Berkeley Public Library.

Under the leadership of Reference/Instruction Librarian Phillippa Caldeira, Laney College Library is launching an experimental in-house eReference project.

The library is connecting eReference to a service that allows students to text the librarian about noise problems in the library.  Librarians will be monitoring an email account for both reference queries and noise complaints.  Laney Library's layout--it is spread out over four floors--provides added challenges as the staff strives to create a quiet study environment.

The Laney College President's Office, which occupied the library's third floor study rooms for several years while the administrative building was undergoing renovation, moved out of the library last spring.  As of fall 2014, all library study rooms have been returned to student use.