Rio Hondo

Rio Hondo College Academic Senate has created a college OER committee as of Spring 2018. There will be divisional representation, one librarian has been invited to join and the library dean will be co-chair.

Additionally, Rio Hondo College, just launched the statewide Guided Pathways initiative. The brainstorming phase of this initiative has begun and progress will continue, which includes valuable librarian input.

The state Academic Senate will be having the South Regional OER workshop on February 9, 2018 and Rio Hondo College will be hosting this event.

RHC Librarians continue to work with incorporating the Framework with present and future instructional opportunities. 

Currently, we have a full-time librarian recruitment opportunity. Applications are due by February 12, 2018. Please visit the announcement at

November 2017, the RHC library welcomed a new librarian, Mr. Young Lee. Besides joining the library, he will also be the coordinator for the Pathway to Law program. Besides having an MLIS, Young also has a JD.