Social Media and the Coastline Library.  I (Elizabeth Horan) am a solo librarian in my second year at Coastline Community College.  The Coastline "Service Area Outcomes (SAO)" survey, given annually in the spring, showed there was a lack of awareness of the Coastline Library and it's services with our students.  With this knowledge (and statistic) I visited the marketing department at Coastline and asked for their help. What unfolded was an interesting use of social media as a passive reference tool. 

Initially I would send the marketing department links to videos I had created on the Coastline Library YouTube channel ( and static reminders about Library resources during key times in the semester.  When I started getting the same reference question for an English class, I created a video answering the question and then created a captioned version to share with the marketing department so they could easily add it to Instagram!  This has lead to series of library videos on the colleges social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) highlighitng the Library.  I even filmed one over the winter break when I was in Japan!

The videos have been popular on social media and I hope they help with Library awareness.  I look forward to seeing the results of the SAO survey this spring! These videos were a little out of my comfort zone, but they have ended up being a great way to serve students through "passive reference"!

View the Library on the Coastline Social Media accounts: Facebook: @CoastlineCollege, Instagram: CoastlineCommunityCollege, Twitter: @CoastlineInOC

Coastline College is happy to have Veronica D'Aquino join the Library as a part-time Librarian. Veronica is from Argentina and has worked in the CSUs, Chapman College, and the California Community College system.