Regional Collaboration Benefits HSU & College of the Redwoods

By Catherine Cox, College of the Redwoods

As of October, a new MOU between the Humboldt State University Library and College of the Redwoods allows students from CR to access books and other resources from HSU. 

While HSU students, like all residents of the district, have been able to get “community borrower” cards at CR, the university previously required CR students to pay an annual membership fee for check-out privileges.  College of the Redwoods covered the cost for students in the Honors Program, but now all CR students will have the same benefit.  Providing easier access to the HSU library will allow students to become more familiar with the university’s resources and help to make the transition to the university more seamless for students who transfer. 

Because of licensing restrictions, neither college allows off-site access to electronic resources, but visitors are welcome to use databases and eBooks while in the libraries.  

The two libraries are exploring other possible collaborations and ways to better serve the needs of their shared community, which is separated by several hundred miles from the next nearest institutions of higher education.  Serving Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, and parts of western Trinity County, CR has one of the largest service areas in California, covering nearly 10,000 square miles from the Mendocino County line to the Oregon border.