Library & Learning Resources Program Advisory Committee

By Dan Crump, American River College, Chair of the Library and Learning Resources Program Advisory Committee 

I have been in discussions with Raul Arambula (Dean, Educational Services and Support) and Zitlali (Tali) Torres (Program Analyst, Educational Services and Support) in the Chancellor’s Office about setting up a meeting for the committee---hope for it to be in December 2019.  I think we have heard from the constituent groups (including CCL, ASCCC, and ACTLA) about appointments to the committee.

The 2018-19 Annual Data Survey has been sent out to the field and was due October 31, 2019.  This fits in with the approval by the CCC Board of Governors (item 2.4, September 2018) to revise section 55800 of Title 5 so that “the due date be amended from August 31 to October 31 of each year. The due date change is better suited for the Library communities academic year calendar.”  Tali has been working with Terrence Willets (researcher contracted by CCL to evaluate and analyze the results of the survey) to update the survey.  Many thanks to Tali and Terrence!