By Evelyn Lord, Laney College

Over the summer, returning students discovered new study space options at Laney Library. With the purchase of new study furniture, the library was able to reconfigure space to better manage the needs of individuals and groups. In addition to creating a more pleasant study environment, librarians wanted to respond to some of the complaints that had come up in recent student surveys: not enough charging outlets, uncomfortable chairs, too noisy.

By Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director

As all the “countdowns” proceed 

countdown to the end of this part of the LSP project (whew!), or  countdown to the end of the term (hello, summer adventure!), or countdown to the finalization of a hiring process that will bring someone new onto the team (hurray!)

CCL is tracking its own countdown as the last few membership checks come in through the mail slot before colleges & districts stop for the year.

By James Wiser, Consortium Director

By Steve Hunt, CCL-EAR Committee Chair

By Dan Crump, chair

LLRPAC met for the first time this academic year on February 11.  

By Gregg T. Atkins, CCL Executive Director

There is a boatload of activity right now – LSP implementation, Guided Pathways, accreditation visits, and probably 95 other things happening in your local campus world! – but take a moment to celebrate that 101 colleges have already paid this year’s CCL membership fee.

That’s amazing, gratifying, and a great sign that so, so many of you feel that CCL continues to earn your trust and be your voice. The Board, the officers, staff and liaison folks try to never lose sight of who we work for!

By Steve Hunt, CCL-EAR Committee Chair

By James Wiser, Consortium Director

By Gohar Momjian, ACCJC Vice President

By Dan Crump

The ASCCC Fall Plenary Session was held at the Irvine Marriott from November 1-3.

By Amy Beadle, Statewide Program Manager

By Steve Hunt, CCL-EAR Committee Chair

By James Wiser, Consortium Director

Reported by Dan Crump

On September 10, the Chancellor’s Office sent a memo to contact person at each college with information about the 2017-18 Annual Library Data Survey with an anticipated return date of October 31, 2018. For questions about the survey, e-mail Erin Larson at Ensure the email subject line is formatted as: College Name, Question about 2017-18 Annual Library Data Survey.

Reported by Dan Crump

The ASCCC Spring Plenary Session was held at the San Mateo Marriott from April 12-14. Elections for the Executive Committee for 2018-19 were held with the following results:


The annual CCL 2019 gathering of Library department chairs, coordinators, head librarians, managers, directors and deans is now on the calendar!

By Mario Valente

The MiraCosta library is pleased to showcase two exhibits in commemoration of Latinx/Chicanx Heritage Month and in collaboration with the annual Latino Book & Family Festival taking place on September 15, 2018, at the Oceanside Campus.