Consortium Director's Report

By Amy Beadle, Director

Hello and happy spring! I am so excited that the sun has come out and it feels like summer is finally on its way. I hope that you all have been able to enjoy some sunshine as well.

Fiscal Year Renewals/New Resources

A few important upcoming deadlines for your attention:

  • May 10: All Renewals Due/Invoices Sent
  • June 9: All NEW Resources Due/Invoices Sent

The default invoice date will be July 1, 2023 and those invoices will be generated and sent on May 15th unless you request something different prior to that. To request an alternative date, please email Marissa (

Please remember to use the drop-down options under “Billing Cycles” to request any invoice groupings. FYI, you MUST click the checkmark to have your selection entered. Invoices may not be changed after they are issued and the ONLY way for us to see your request is via the dropdown as shown below:

Dropdown list under 'Billing cycle' with options like 'Put this item on Invoice #1'

Please also remember that you need to add JSTOR as a new subscription as of July 1. There are no JSTOR “renewals” in the system due to their model change. Search “JSTOR” in the catalog and you should find the following options:

product catalog display for JSTOR as the publisher, displaying three products: ArtStor, (New) Full Collection - Annual Access Fee, (New) Full Collection - One-Time Payment

All of their journals are now included in their new collections and you have the option to subscribe or purchase. Please let us know if you have any questions.

LSP Reimbursements and Systemwide Purchases

The CCCCO sent a memo on March 28, 2023 regarding LSP reimbursement and additions to the statewide program, specifically LibKey, OCLC Cataloging & Metadata and hosted EZProxy. We’re grateful that they accepted the recommendations of the LSP Governance Committee to include those as a part of the funded program and are looking forward to transitioning those to agreements to cover all 110 participating colleges.

LibKey is mostly implemented everywhere. There are a handful of colleges that have not finalized that addition. Pawel will reach out again in the fall to see if anyone needs support to complete the implementation.

The CCCCO is still reviewing the proposed agreements from OCLC for Cataloging & Metadata and hosted EZProxy. The timing is becoming challenging but still expected to be in place prior to July 1. Thank you for your patience and thank you also for completing the hosted EZProxy questionnaire that was distributed last week. Having that information will be very helpful for the vendor to plan implementation. More information to come as soon as we receive it.

Per the CCCCO memo, the Chancellor’s Office in cooperation with the California Community Colleges Technology Center will reimburse colleges directly for the Ex Libris subscription service fees for the billing period of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. The Ex Libris Subscription Request for Reimbursement Form is due no later than May 31, 2023. More information about the submission process can be found on the CCC Technology Center website. The amount you submit will be half of the 2022 12-month invoice plus the entire January-June 2023 amount billed.

We are staying in contact with the Foundation for California Community Colleges and the vendor as they move through their contract negotiations. We are trying to avoid billing colleges for the July-December 2023 time period, but if it doesn’t look like they will come to an agreement soon, we may have to. Again, more information to come, as soon as we have something to share.

ELUNA and eCAUG (so many acronyms, so little time!)

We're hoping to see many of you at the upcoming ELUNA meeting in Los Angeles. Pawel, Caroline and myself will be there and are looking forward to all of the great sessions, as well as spending time with our colleagues who are also attending.

We're really excited to announce another opportunity to come together with Ex Libris users - this time limited to our California colleges. Please mark your calendars for August 30-31 in Oakland for a ELUNA California Users Group meet-up. We don’t know much more than the date/location, so keep an eye on the listservs for more details to follow.

And with that, get out and enjoy this fabulous weather! But please make note of these important dates:

  • May 5: LSP Governance Committee Meeting (Online)
  • May 8-12: Developers' Day and Annual ELUNA Meeting (Los Angeles)
  • May 10: All Renewals Due/Invoices Sent
  • May 10: Final 2022-23 Wednesday Webinar
  • May 31: LSP Reimbursement Request Deadline
  • June 9: All NEW Resources Due/Invoices Sent
  • June 12-25: NERS Alma Round 2
  • August 1-2: CCL Board Retreat (Sacramento)
  • August 2-3: LSP Governance Committee Retreat (Sacramento)
  • August 30-31: eCAUG (Oakland)
  • September 6: Wednesday Webinar Resumes