Author Chat at Fullerton College Library

By Monique Delatte, Fullerton College

The Ventriloquists explores the true story of a ragtag crew of resistors in Brussels, 1943, who successfully schemed to undermine the Nazi regime by printing a satirical newspaper edition with wide distribution, right under the noses of the occupiers.

The author of this well-reviewed title, E.R. Ramzipoor, spoke with Hornets via Zoom in late February. Students joined our Queer Book Group meeting remotely and in-person for a discussion of the ripped-from-the-headlines (pun intended) tragicomic tale.

The Queer Book Group was created upon student request at the college’s 2019 LGBTQ+ Student Forum. Our upcoming reads are The Sweetness of Water and Making Priscilla; the latter will be paired with a celebratory viewing of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This reading club has discussed: 1) white fragility, 2) not being brown enough or queer enough, 3) Spanish language in popular American literature, 4) white feminism vs. brown feminism, 5) the hegemony of the canon, & 6) a space cat, of course.

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