Fall Update from the Executive Director

Wow … caught your breath yet?  Someday, we’ll all look back and …. Well, who am I kidding, we’ll all be too busy shaping Ex Libris into the tool to take us to the next great level of student learning and success!

I do want to call your attention to one small piece of CCL business – yes, this year’s CCL membership invoice is hitting the mailbox soon. No change in cost: still $150.00.

What does your college get from that modest expense?  Here are some but not all of the benefits:

  • Workshops and the annual meeting
  • The Outlook
  • The work of CCL-EAR, the Library Consortium purchasing arrangement, and the free CountryWatch database
  • The two listservs
  • The participation by CCL in the implementation of Ex Libris, and the development of the ongoing governance & organizational structure
  • The seats which CCL has at the Chancellor’s Office – Library Advisory Committee, Telecommunications and Technology Committee – and liaison role with the CIO Executive Board
  • The liaison position with the ASCCC Executive Committee
  • General work and effort to make the world safe for the CCC libraries!

And no change in cost: still $150.00.  Please watch the mail for your library’s membership invoice!

Regards --  Gregg Atkins, Executive Director, CCL