Breastfeeding Pod added at Riverside City College Digital Library

By Daniel Slota, Riverside City College

We are pleased to announce that Riverside City College has successfully completed the installation of a lactation pod. The pod is located on the third floor of the Digital Library and is available during normal regular operating hours. To access the pod, users obtain a code via the Mamava app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The initiative to add a lactation pod at Riverside City College was brought forward and approved through the Physical Resources Committee and Resource Development & Administrative Services Leadership Council last spring. The new pod meets the California Department of Public Health’s Breastfeeding Initiative goal of making breastfeeding the community norm for infant feeding for at least the child’s first six months and up to the child’s first year. Under the initiative, hospitals and health care clinics have implemented an infant feeding policy and encourage employers to make lactation accommodation a reality. By providing a secure location, the College also meets AB 1976 which former California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law expanding California employer obligation respective to employee lactation accommodation.