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By Elizabeth Horan, Coastline Community College

By Stephanie M. Roach, San Mateo County Community College District & Pawel Szponar, Foothill College

By Stephanie M. Roach, San Mateo County Community College District; Angela Boyd, San Diego Miramar College; Megan Kinney, City College of San Francisco; Mario Macías, Los Angeles Pierce College; and Glenn Tozier, Monterey Peninsula College

Updated April 24, 2021

By Fullerton College Library Staff

Under stress and smoky skies, librarians and staff make a concerted effort to provide comparable services for students during the library closure.

Feather River College Library/LRC.

By Venice Lombardo and Darryl Swarm, Feather River College

By Elizabeth Horan, Coastline College

By Daniel Slota, Riverside City College

We are pleased to announce that Riverside City College has successfully completed the installation of a lactation pod. The pod is located on the third floor of the Digital Library and is available during normal regular operating hours. To access the pod, users obtain a code via the Mamava app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

By Mary Camille Thomas, Foothill College

Descriptive cataloging was the required class that almost made me drop out of library school my first quarter. With a degree in comparative literature, I had just spent four years reading great novels, poems, and plays; now I was immersed in the esoterica of AACR2, and frankly, for those first weeks I was as bored as I was mystified. What the heck was a bibliographic record anyway? No matter how many times I pored over the first chapter in my textbook, I couldn’t get a handle on it.

By Jeffrey Sabol, Long Beach City College

Collaborative work spaces within academic library settings are becoming increasingly important as libraries consider their roles in the 21st century. Full-text at

By Tina Sixt

The Sierra College Library just finished a remodel, turning the 1990s era space into a modern library and learning commons. All of the circulating books were moved upstairs to open up the main floor into a learning commons. The Writing Center and computer lab were moved to this floor, joining the learning commons desk (which now handles book checkout, reserves, student IDs, and technology help) and research help desk. Additional group study rooms, outlets and comfortable seating were added to both floors.

By Yvonne Reed, Victor Valley College

The SRJC Libraries have completed two stages of a multi-stage learning commons redesign of the Doyle and Mahoney Libraries. New tech-infused spaces and furniture invite collaborative learning and knowledge creation. Specialized group study rooms have been transformed into huddle spaces that now include 65” ultra-high definition displays with Solstice pods, in-wall wiring and simple control systems which see heavy student utilization daily.