Membership Report – Gregg Atkins, Executive Director

The 2015-2016 CCL Membership invoices ... yours is sitting somewhere in your Library!  Hopefully, it flew right into your mailbox and you "passed the baton" right over to the Library's business clerk to start the payment process!

And, yes, still just $150.00.


Haven't seen it?  It went to whoever is listed as your library's contact person in the online CCL Directory (unless I just happened to know about a recent change).  If you need another copy, contact me via email and I can send a pdf copy.


Problem on your campus getting it paid?  Contact me -- maybe I can help fix that or find someone else who can help.


Congrats to Barstow CC -- they got the first check in!  I'm sending them a reward.


There are now 114 of us (WELCOME, Clovis CC!) -- we do amazing and powerful things through CCL!  Let's make this a great year!