City College of San Francisco

City College of San Francisco is pleased to announce the hiring of three new librarians: Chad Stephenson and Lisa Velarde, who worked for CCSF part-time for many years and Julian Prentice, who comes to CCSF from Google, with part-time experience at other community colleges in the Bay area.


The CCSF Library will be opening a library services location at the CCSF Evans Center this month, and opening an additional location at Civic Center later this semester.


JamesLimLibrarian James Horn Lim (City College of San Francisco) passed away on March 19, just two months short of his planned retirement.  James most recently served as the CCSF Library Distance Learning Coordinator.  James’ dedication to library instruction and expertise in library systems and technology were complemented by a generous, kind, collaborative spirit.  Many librarians, at CCSF and beyond, relied on him for his well-informed advice.   He will be dearly missed by his colleagues at CCSF and throughout the Bay Area.