Report from John Taylor, Director Academic Resource Center:

I’ve been the new Director here at Lassen College about 8 months now, and we’ve begun making changes that the public can see. And as you know the changes they can’t see often take more effort.  We are still in the midst of a remodel, so the Library is camped out in the Learning Center again this semester. Contractors are moving slower than we had hoped, so our October timeline looks unlikely; I’m hoping for January 2016!  On the positive side, we are looking at brand new furniture and technology in the ARC when it moves with 2 study rooms and a café area. For a school as small as Lassen, that’s an accomplishment! The Library and Learning Center were administratively merged and we are now known as the Academic Resource Center (ARC). We are rebranding our image with new graphics focusing on: The arc of your education; where will it take you? We have built a new website available at, which simplifies the navigation to get to the resources. It’s based on libguides, and makes use of the tabs to keep most everything present on the first page. We’ll be building research guides as the year progresses. In fact, I’ll likely be asking many of you if we can use the ones you have built as a template (to copy and edit for local content).Lassen