Library & Learning Resources Programs Advisory Committee (LLRPAC)

By Dan Crump (Chair)

LLPRAC held its first meeting in several years on May 31.  We made changes to the Committee Mission and Goals statement which is on the Chancellor’s Office website-- page is under the Academic Affairs division.  Major changes included deletion of “Collection Development” and inclusion of “Student Equity & Success.”

The Committee made changes to the Guide, mostly to reflect organizational changes in the field, and also to clarify the following items:

•           Role of each constituent group in the committee

•           Role of librarians and the work libraries are doing

•           Role of learning resources programs (especially tutoring)

•           Input from the committee on statewide issues, e.g. Student Equity, Student Success & Support Program, Strong Workforce Program, Basic Skills Initiative

Other items discussed included the role of libraries and learning resources programs in the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) materials on campuses, and the impact of these programs on student success, and get library and learning resource programs involved in student success initiatives at the college level.

In addition, the Annual Data Survey for 2015-16 was sent out with a deadline of August 31---there are still about eight colleges that need to submit.

Work groups from both the Committee and CCL are working on changes to the survey so that the questions can be asked in the most effective manner.  It is planned that the Annual Data Survey for 2016-17 will be going out very soon, but not until changes have been reviewed and implemented.