Executive Director's Reports

greggatkinsBy Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director

Membership:  I’m making a list and checking it twice … oops, no, that’s Santa.

Instead, I am going carefully through my list of the CCL membership invoices and getting them ready to send out to each library by the end of September.  No change in cost (still $150), and easily the best bargain in the state!  In fact, last year 111 CCC libraries paid their invoices (and, yes, that’s the best number ever!).

You can help me with this:  check the CCL Directory for your library’s listing, and verify that the contact name is correct.  Why?  I pull that information off the Directory to use with the invoices and address labels.  Not correct?  Email me ASAP and tell me the correct contact name (and after that CCL will help you update your directory listing).

The invoices arrive in the mail, and each is marked INVOICE ENCLOSED.  And you know what to do after that!

What a year this will be!  A successful completion to the statewide database contract renewal is a great accomplishment!  And we’re powering up to launch our incredible statewide ILS project!  Many thanks for your continued support of CCL and the work it does for everyone.


Saying Goodbye to Johanna: 

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.30.41 PMIn the life of CCL, people come and go – job changes, retirements, other new opportunities.

And some stay involved and engaged -- for more than 22 years, Johanna Bowen has participated, chaired, led and served to keep CCL strong, relevant and focused.

Johanna came to Cabrillo College (Santa Cruz) from New York (SUNY) in 1995 to be the new Library Dean. Struggling to right a badly off-the-rails new library building project, she discovered CCL and saw its possibilities for statewide work and especially for engagement with the CCCCO.

The CCL we have now owes much to her participation:

· Southwest Bay rep 1997-2002

· CCL-EAR Chair 2000-2002

· CCL President 2002-2004 and 2004-2006

· Web manager 2000-2017

· Outlook editor 2007-2017

· Directory editor 2011-2017

What hasn’t she helped shape?! She’s been involved in the consortium purchasing project, the facilities standards project, Title 5 controversies (that we won), the ILS proposal, accreditation standards revisions, the first Ebsco contract and much more. She has testified before the Board of Governors and helped convince State Chancellors. She helped shape a stronger relationship with the CIO group and the Academic Senate.

And Johanna has supported colleagues on the CCL Board throughout those 22 years. Always prepared, always informed, always ready with suggestions and comments to help shape policy and set priorities and get results.

Johanna actually retired from Cabrillo in 2010. It occurred to her to step away from CCL then, but CCL said no. Now, it seems, is finally the time.

Those who have worked and served together with Johanna … well, we raise a glass.

In particular, I want to acknowledge the privilege I have had working with her all these years. My work as Executive Director has been informed, guided and supported by her dedication to libraries, to the students and faculty we serve, to librarianship. She has shared wit, wisdom and candor generously.