Infopeople To Raise Price Of Attendance

In an “Update from Infopeople” mailed to the calix listserv on November 4th Kathy Gould included the following announcement:

Based on the work of the Task Force to date*, the Advisory Board decided to increase the price of all Infopeople courses from $75 to $100 for in-state participants effective July 1, 2016.*  Similar price increases will also be made for out-of-state and out-of-country participants.

Webinars, both live and archived, will continue to be offered at no charge.  The Board recognizes that the price increase, the first implemented by Infopeople since the 1990s, may particularly impact rural libraries, and plans to work with the State Library to address this concern.

In an earlier letter to California librarians State Librarian Gregg Lucas noted that Infopeople and other programs needed to become self supporting. The organization will lose 25% of its state LSTA support every year beginning July 2016. On August 18th Mr Lucas wrote that Infopeople was a valuable program but he believed that “comparable – even superior – services can be delivered at less cost.”