Darryl Swarm (Feather River College): Committee Chairdarryl The first in-person meeting of the 2015 academic year for the CCL-EAR Committee took place over two days in the San Diego area on Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16. A good portion of one day was dedicated to our ambitious discovery review project. Several discovery team members had stepped down due to competing obligations, so four members stepped up to help the team lead to provide much-needed support.  Sections being considered include various phases of the discovery adoption process, including: procurement, implementation, customization, administrative interface, reference and librarian experiences, student/end-user experiences, refinements and troubleshooting. An interested librarian guest from the San Diego area joined us for the first day of meetings to gain insight into the project. Members of the CC-EAR committee related their experiences and brainstormed ideas on how to proceed with the review. Please keep an eye out for our survey to gain feedback from existing discovery product users. Also, if you have implemented and/or used any discovery products and would like to provided much-needed perspective as part of our review process, please don’t hesitate to contact the CCL-EAR Chair, Darryl Swarm (dswarm@frc.edu). Your contribution to the survey could provide essential insight into the various aspects of our review. There will be an intensive discovery project work session at our Spring meeting, tentatively scheduled for February 4 and 5 in the Sacramento area.

After a productive breakout session, members reported on their in-progress reviews and previews, including: LexisNexis, web-based language products (Mango Languages, Rosetta and Duo Lingo, Swank Digital, and JSTOR. Some of the teams were well underway or very close to completion at the time of our meeting (LexisNexis and the language product team), so please check our website for those reviews that are of interest to you: https://cclibrarians.org/consortium/reviews. Our recent reviews feature an interactive component where you can post comments, feedback, and share your experiences with the database and we would appreciate your feedback.   Our consortium director, James Wiser, announced that vendor inquiries about colleges with four year degrees and college FTES should be referred to him so he can effectively advocate for us. For the meeting, he arranged for vendor presentations from three streaming video providers: Sage Video; Swank Digital Library and Kanopy Streaming Video. Since the Swank product has a major interface update scheduled for release on December 1, 2015, the review team is awaiting the update before completing the review.   New products being considered for reviews, previews and updates include: Gale Primary Source Collection; IBIS World (market research data); ACLS Humanities eBooks, Data-Planet (statistical data repository); BroZine and Flipster (mobile-friendsl journal content); and PrepStep (a remedial skills and eLearning platform, formerly known as Learning Express (recent EBSCO acquisition).   We would like to remind everyone that materials deselected as part of the CCL-EAR eBook deselection project will be deactivated by EBSCO by the end of December, 2015, so for any participating libraries that have these records active in their respective library catalogs, the links will eventually not present the related eBook content to your patrons in their search process. Please remove those records from your catalog as appropriate. If there are any electronic databases you would like the CCL-EAR Committee to consider reviewing, please send suggestions to Darryl Swarm (dswarm@frc.edu) or to your regional representative (CCL-EAR Committee Roster http://cclibraries.org/committee/members.html). If you would like to attend any of our virtual or in-person meetings as a guest, please contact me and I will forward you the details.