Cerro Coso

cerroCosoCerro Coso Community College has added a new tenure-track faculty librarian position. Sharlene Paxton joined Julie Cornett, who had previously been the lone librarian for a college with five campuses and a robust distance education program. Sharlene worked for 18 years in a variety of roles at the high school level, first as English teacher, then a teacher librarian, and most recently as a technology integration coach, overseeing a $3 million DoDEA grant. She also spent the past two years moonlighting as an adjunct librarian for Cerro Coso Community College, staffing the reference desk two evenings per week and teaching the for-credit information literacy and library research course on campus and online.

Sharlene received her Master's Degree in Library and Information Science from SJSU in 2008. She currently serves as the president of the Southern Region of the California School Library Association. She is looking forward to getting involved with professional associations for academic librarians and working with Julie to provide greater library support to Cerro Coso's students throughout the Kern and Mono counties.