Executive Director’s Report

Gregg Atkins, Executive Director

I was sitting in a TTAC (Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Committee) meeting at the CCCCO when details about the system's budget proposals were presented –

Yes! Funding for a Statewide ILS! -- was detailed.

It's not a done deal, of course.  And remember how long we have been talking about it.  And the time and work it took to get funds to get a statewide database ... to get a purchasing consortium which makes multiple databases affordable on our budgets ... to actively organize to preserve our accreditation standards ... and much more.

CCL works " ... to make the world safe for California community college libraries."  And it's able to do that because you all stay active, contribute, serve when asked, lead when asked, and provide financial resources to undergird it all.

There are already 78 colleges with memberships paid!  Thanks to them ... thanks to those whose checks are on the way ... and thanks in advance to those who will decide to get that done today!

Check for a star next to your college’s name on the MEMBERSHIP 2015-2016 list at: http://cclccc.org/directory.php

Gregg T. Atkins, CCL Executive Director

P.S. -- Need another copy of the invoice?  Just email me at greggatkins@cclccc.org