Community College Library Consortium Report

wiserJames Wiser, Consortium Director


Renewals and New Orders

The deadline for returning the fall renewal order forms is November 16th (please note that some of the offers for new databases have different deadlines posted). Please fax your renewal or new order forms to the League office by their posted deadline.  When we place the fall orders with the vendors we will provide them with updated IP addresses. Please check your IP addresses in the consortium procurement system to verify we have the correct IP’s on file. To do so, login to your procurement account. Click on Settings and you will see a section called My College IP addresses. This is where new IP’s would be added.



Students and faculty in all of the California community colleges will continue to have free access to one of the premier online information databases covering countries of the world, CountryWatch Premium.  The database, which is a major resource tool for businesses, consultants and researchers, contains up-to-date economic, political, and social data about every country on the globe.


For more information about CountryWatch, including a description of its current features, visit the following URL:


The Council of Chief Librarians and the Community College League are continuing their joint commitment to full coverage of the cost.  This is the fourteenth year that the resource has been provided to the colleges at no cost.  Both organizations – partners in the cooperative purchasing program for online resources for CCC libraries – use a portion of the fees generated by the program to provide the database to every college regardless of the level of participation in the purchasing program.  CCL and the League see this as an opportunity to use the program to benefit the colleges over and above the main focus of the purchasing program.


Respectfully submitted,


James Wiser,   Library Consortium Director

Community College League of California