From The Executive Director

By Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

That famous first sentence from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities lodged itself firmly in my brain (so many) years ago.  It has always served to remind me to search for both aspects of a situation.  (And to be thankful that I was not a French aristocrat.)

I don’t have to outline the “worst of times” realities and difficulties for any of you, but consider these “best” examples:

  • The LSP moves forward despite severe challenges.  109 or 110 colleges continue to participate, CCL and the League have fashioned a very workable operational structure and two new staff (Program Director and NZ Manager) are about to be hired. And the extraordinary collaborative effort of librarians working together to understand and shape the tools and fashion approaches is the very best part.
  • The work of CCL moves forward thanks to dedicated efforts by its officers and Board members (and new Board members stepped in to serve when needed).  A great fall online workshop on a critical issue is drawing more than 350 participants (including non-library colleagues and administrators in the colleges).  CCL’s proposal for ongoing funding for the LSP is once again supported by the system.  And our LSP Task Force continues to work with the League to identify issues, solutions and opportunities for building and supporting a robust collective effort for equitable library and information services to the 2.1 million students we serve.
  • You and your colleges continue to support the work of CCL through payment of membership fees even as $ are so tight. Almost 2/3 of the colleges have paid, and I know many payments are in process. (Need another copy of the invoice? Or never saw it? Or the ether ate it? Easy to remedy – let me know!)

2021 (even with the vaccines) will still be a difficult time of re-assessment, rebuilding, and hard choices for your library and your college. Please consider how your colleagues and CCL can help in that experience.

Regards -- Gregg

Gregg T. Atkins, Executive Director CCL