Assessment Workshop -- Evaluation Survey Report

Pearl-LyCCL 2016 Fall Assessment Workshop -- Participant Satisfaction Evaluation Survey Report -- Summary Results           

(Pearl Ly, Skyline)




  1. I found the workshop on Interactive Assessment relevant to my work – 95% strongly agree or agree
  2.  I took away at least one idea to bring back to my library related to assessment - 95% strongly agree or agree
  3. I found the discussion on Demonstrating the Impact of Library Services relevant to my work – 89% strongly agree or agree
  4. I took away at least one idea to bring back to my library related to demonstrating impact – 81 % strongly agree or agree


  • Really appreciated the time to discuss information with colleagues and share with the group as a whole
  • The opportunity to listen and exchange ideas with colleagues regarding their experiences (both successes and challenges) in conducting assessment activities. Also, the presenter, Lola, was really good and very inspiring.
  • I liked knowing that data I now collect is being collected by others
  • Interaction and sharing with colleagues. Lola the presenter was an excellent choice!
  • The opportunity to get together and share with other community college librarians. Learning about the depth of information collected and reported by ACC.
  • I liked the afternoon sessions where we shared what we learned.
  • Learning about best practices of assessment of library services.
  • I thought the presenter was well organized and that her examples were useful.
  • Content, relevance to my work, opportunity to gain practical insight from colleagues doing similar work
  • I liked the ideas that Lola presented, especially the concept of measuring LOs at the reference desk
  • I found various ways of Library service assessments helpful.
  • Good break-up of time between listening to a speaker and discussion. The pace of the day allowed for a lot of questions and interaction.
  • Topic's relevance to data California Community College libraries have to collect. Speaker's use of materials or ideas that we can utilize in our libraries - not special to larger.
  • Repeated points of reflection to exchange ideas with colleagues
  • The speaker was great
  • Collaboration with peers and usable product from presenter!!
  • Collaboration and discussion with librarians based off Lola's suggestions and presentation
  • Talking with other ccc librarians about how they do what I do at their schools
  • Reconnecting with colleagues at other colleges. Recognizing that we are already doing some of these assessment best practices