LLRPAC---Library & Learning Resources Program Advisory Committee

By Dan Crump, American River College, LLRPAC Co-Chair

There had been a delay in getting appointments from all the constituent groups until early December and with Winter Break and such, the first meeting was held (virtually) on March 9.  In discussions about the role of the Committee, it was concluded that a good amount of the initial work on issues be done in workgroups that are more focused to the issue, be it library- or tutoring/learning assistance-related.  It was emphasized that while there are differences in some of the issues to be worked on, there are also benefits that can happen because of interaction between the library and tutoring/learning assistance communities (faculty, administrators, and staff).  It was decided to have Ted Blake and Dan Crump serve as co-chairs for the committee for this year.  Dan will also be serving as the LLRPAC representative to the LSP Governance Committee.

The Committee discussed ways they can help the professional library and learning assistance organizations (CCL and ACTLA) in activities of benefit to all the colleges.

ACTLA is working on a tutoring/learning assistance survey (possibly also working with the RP Group) to assess the tutoring and learning assistance field in CCCs, especially the passage and implementation of AB 705.  It was also mentioned the need for discussion about the minimum qualifications for learning assistance coordinators.  These MQs are currently only required for college tutoring programs that claim apportionment.  Ted noted that he authored a resolution that was adopted at the Fall 2019 ASCCC Plenary Session---“Develop Standards of Practice Resource for Learning Assistance and Tutoring in the California Community Colleges, including the role of Learning Skills Coordinators or Instructors, and Tutoring Coordinators” that should help with this discussion.

The Committee works with CCL on the Annual Data Survey, which is a means of meeting the Title 5 (section 55800) requirement for an annual report to the Board of Governors on the condition of libraries in the California Community Colleges.  Dan noted that it has been useful in the past for colleges to use for comparison purposes with other colleges for staffing and budget needs.  Brian noted that it has not been useful for that purpose in recent years as the latest available analyzed data is six years old.  Dan agreed and noted that CCL has been providing the financial support for the analysis and that CCL leadership has been working with their contracted researcher on this.  It was also noted that the response rate from colleges is low and it is necessary for repeated reminders for colleges to submit the survey to the Chancellor’s Office.
Dan will work with CCL leadership and the Chancellor’s Office to improve the response rate and also on getting more current data out to the library community.  The Committee will also work with CCL to review and update questions to the Survey.

Dan gave background on the Library Services Platform (LSP), noting that continued funding was not included in the Governor’s proposed budget in January.  CCL, the LSP Governance Committee, and other groups have been exploring other opportunities in the budget process.  CCL and the LSP Governance Committee sent a memo to Chancellor Oakley and other CO leadership members with a request to fund ongoing LSP operations from the “Streamlining Support and Technical Assistance for California Community Colleges” as outlined in the 2021-22 Legislative Budget Trailer Bill.  The Committee concurred with Dan’s request that LLRPAC endorse this request. He and Ted will work on a cover statement to attach to the CCL/LSP memo.

In response to a directive to all state agencies about accessible materials, the Chancellor’s Office removed much of the information from pages (including LLRPAC) on the CO website.  It was noted that the CO needs to be sure that all submitted materials are accessible and ADA-compliant and also not to overload the system.  At the very minimum, it was decided to have the vision, goals, and charge of the committee on the LLRPAC page, along with a list of the current membership.  

Many of the issues discussed by the Committee are dependent on interaction with the Chancellor’s Office.  The co-chairs will meet with Raul Arambula to discuss coordination with the Chancellor’s Office.  Unfortunately, this has been delayed as the COVID-19 crisis came to the forefront soon after and some things have been put on the back-burner for now.

Membership, 2019-20
Meredith Plummer, Copper Mountain College, Assn of College Business Officers (ACBO)
Ted Blake, Mt. San Jacinto College, Assn of Colleges for Tutoring & Learning Assistance (ACTLA)
Vandana Gavaskar, Santa Barbara City College, ACTLA
David Reed, Cañada College, ACTLA
Monica Doman, Cypress College, Academic Senate for CA Community Colleges (ASCCC)
Reginald Constant, Laney College, ASCCC
Colin Williams, Long Beach City College, ASCCC
Romelia Salinas, Mt. San Antonio College, Council of Chief Librarians (CCL)
Brian Greene, Columbia College, Council of Chief Librarians (CCL)
Dina Humble, San Bernardino Valley College, CIO
Kate Mueller, Coastline College, Chief Student Services Officers (CSSO)
Raul Arambula, Chancellor’s Office, Chancellor’s Office (CO)
Zitali Torres, Chancellor’s Office, Chancellor’s Office    (CO)
Dan Crump, American River College, Co-Chair