It All May Come Down To This

By Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director

CCL first began discussing the idea of a shared ILS almost 10 years ago!  We talked and talked and talked among ourselves.

And then we talked with others:  people in the Chancellor’s Office, technology leaders in the CCC world, stakeholders (think ASCCC, students, CIOs, the League … and so many more), other groups of libraries headed in the same direction.

So in the middle of this crazy time, I want to let you know that because we have been sharing our ideas and “the vision” and how you’ve all been crazy busy using the new system and each other’s discoveries, it has opened minds to the fact that

  • librarians are strategic thinkers, and work with agility and flexibility, and
  • librarians have demonstrated the enormous value of the LSP to sustain, improve and expand the CCC frameworks for student learning and student success in a time of crisis.

What the CCC librarians have done is noting short of amazing and even heroic.  It may very likely be what gets us the ongoing state funding we have asked for.  It may be what helps you achieve an important library milestone at your college or what helps CCC librarians reach for the next great thing after LSP.

Lastly, a down-to-earth note: 100 colleges have paid their CCL membership, and they’re the ones with the star in the CCL directory on the website. Yes, this may be the year when 100 is a really good number, considering!  But it’s not too late if you don’t have that star and want to get it.  Email me if you need another copy of the invoice.