Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

By Dan Crump, American River College, CCL Liaison to the ASCCC

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, and in accordance with the “shelter-in” order from Governor Newsom, the ASCCC has cancelled the Spring Plenary Session that was scheduled for April 16-18 in Oakland. The ASCCC Executive Committee also decided that the ASCCC will hold elections this spring electronically to ensure the continuity and leadership of the organization. The positions open for nominations will be president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, at-large representative, Area A (1-year term), Area B, Area C, and north and south representatives.

The ASCCC has worked collaboratively with system partners (including the Council of Chief Librarians) has put together a series of professional development opportunities (webinars) to address some of the most critical issues facing CCC students and faculty today. to provide the following presentations as a means of supporting faculty in their service to students. (Note: The ASCCC/CCL webinar was on Thursday, April 2. Further information in another article in this Outlook newsletter.)The schedule includes four varieties of events: discipline specific dialogue – small audience discussion format, discipline specific dialogue – large audience format, governance in a state of emergency, and information sessions to assist in the transition to remote instruction and services.