Professional Development Opportunities for CCL members: A CCL pilot project

By Elizabeth Bowman, CCL Professional Development Coordinator

One of the purposes of CCL is to provide opportunities for professional development and we do this in many ways directly, such as offering the North/South workshops and promoting the LSP workshops, training, and webinars.

Yet there are so many professional development opportunities available to library personnel which you may not have time to track down. To that end, CCL has initiated a pilot project to seek and share information on state, regional, national, vendor, and other professional development opportunities of interest to CCL colleagues.

CCL members on the CCLibrarians-ALL listserv will have already noticed a new weekly email, sent as part of this pilot project. Information about these opportunities will be shared through an email sent each Thursday to the CCL and LSP listservs. Since not all library personnel may be part of these listservs, feel free to forward the email to any personnel, or guide them to join (or just share the email):

  • CCLibrarians-ALL: Open to all California Community College librarians, managers, and deans
  • LSP-ALL: Open to all California Community College librarians, managers, deans, and library staff personnel

A wide variety of options will be shared: upcoming F2F and virtual opportunities, as well as previously recorded presentations, workshops, and more. From podcasts to vendor training to extensive courses, we will seek the obvious and the unusual. To that end, all are welcomed to give feedback on the opportunities listed in the weekly email, to share opportunities you know about, as well as to inquire about what professional development there may be for other topics of interest.

The opportunities listed will be both free and fee-based. Some will require membership, registration, or establishing a free account, so make sure to check links to confirm requirements, deadlines, start times.

Questions or feedback? Email