Consortium Director's Report - September 2023

By Amy Beadle, Director

Hosted EZProxy Implementation

The Hosted EZProxy agreement has been signed and executed. For colleges making the transition from their local instance to the hosted instance, please complete this implementation request to secure the month in which you would like to make the transition. (The previous query included the summer months, which unfortunately passed us by while the contract was finalized.) Additionally, on Wednesday, September 20th, OCLC hosted our Wednesday Webinar with implementation overview and planning.

OCLC Billing/Credits

With both the EZProxy and Cataloging/Metadata contract finalized, OCLC has agreed to offer credits or refunds to colleges that have paid into 2023-24. Communication will come from OCLC. Colleges will need to request a refund, otherwise they will have a credit to their college account.

ExLibris Contract/Alma Digital

The ExLibris contract was transferred to the CCCCO Foundation/Rancho Santiago CCD as of July 1. This allows direct payment to the vendor so colleges will no longer have to pay/submit for reimbursement, which is great news! One unfortunate change is that Alma Digital is now a direct purchase from the vendor. They did allow us to grandfather in our existing Alma Digital subscribers. The previous Alma Digital contact is no longer at Clarivate. If you are interested in a direct subscription, please reach out to me and I will forward your request to their general sales team.

LSP Program Manager Position

We are interviewing several excellent candidates for the position, but the position is considered open until filled. Please see the position flyer at the League website

CY 2023 Renewals/New Purchase Deadlines

Date Deadlines
October 10 All Renewal Pricing Available in ConsortiaManager
October 18 Wednesday Webinar, re: ConsortiaManager
November 13 All Renewals Due/Invoices Sent
November 30 All NEW Resource Orders Due/Invoices Sent

NYT Direct Agreement

Moving from CRL to a direct contract with NYT. 3% minimum reduction in cost – some may see more. Amy will communicate directly with current subscribers about the change. All non-subscribers will now see NYT pricing in Consortia Manager (this was previously unavailable)


We did a one-time pass-through deal for Keenious. If additional colleges are interested, we can inquire for pricing.

Resources for Consortium Consideration

If there is a resource that you’re interested in the Consortium pursuing, please send suggestions to Amy (

Billing Cycle Alignment

If you want to move your January purchasing to the July billing cycle, please make that request to Amy no later than September 30. Please also specify if you are requesting a six-month billing (to get you to July 2023) or 18-month invoice (to get you to July 2024).

Direct to Consortium Changes

If you have a direct subscription with a vendor and want to move it to CCLC, please make that request by September 30.

ConsortiaManager Updates

Primary contacts should be reviewing their ConsortiaManager contacts and contact information every semester. Primary contacts can make the updates to the college's account, but if you run into a problem, email Marissa (

Call for Participation

The Library Services Platform (LSP) Circulation Work Group is seeking additional membership. Faculty and classified professional staff are invited to participate. Email Cathy Tully by September 30.

Upcoming Wednesday Webinars

Join us every Wednesday for a variety of library-specific webinars. Sign-on information remains the same every week and is shown below.

  • September 20: Hosted EZProxy Implementation Planning
  • September 27: Chancellor's Annual Library Data Survey
  • October 4: CCL Professional Development Lightening Talks
  • October 11: OER Librarian/ZTC Degree Program Grant Faculty Coordinator - Overview
  • October 18: Calendar Year Orders and Consortia Manager Review
  • October 25: New York Times Vendor Demo

2023-24 Wednesday Webinar Series: 11:00 AM Pacific Time, weekly on Wednesdays until May 15, 2024 (35 occurrences). Please download and import the iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system. You can join via the Zoom link or by phone: (669) 444-9171 (US Toll).