Executive Director's Report

By Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director

Colleagues –

As I write this, there are still many unsolved issues concerning how our LSP program functions and operates going forward:

  • it’s really good news to report that the CCCCO has agreed that the League will keep the Ex Libris contract through December 2023 (although the payment arrangement is not what CCL and the League proposed);
  • there is continuing difficulty in reaching an agreement on the Scope of Work contract between the League and the CCCCO – we are now working on V.4, mostly due to shifting demands from the CCCCO;
  • a workable framework for how the League, CCL, the TechCenter and the CCCCO interact and deal with program expansion (new software purchases, instructional design and development work, resource sharing, etc.) has not yet been fashioned.

And yet, things are happening as we planned:

  • the work groups are engaged and tackling policies, procedures, issues and getting work done;
  • the new DEI Task Force is off to a very good start, grabbing its charge with both hands and working well as a group;
  • the LSP Governance Committee is poised to consider a framework which identifies and prioritizes a broad range of programs which can be addressed using the new financial resources at hand;
  • the NZ Administrator (Pawel Szponar) continues to successfully build the LSP program’s capacity to fully manage the many aspects of system administration, special project work and troubleshooting oversight;
  • the LSP Program Director (Caroline Sinay) keeps the LSP Task Force, Governance Committee and the working groups on track and working constructively and effectively (no easy task!) and continues to build and enhance the excellent LSP Libguide.

CCL also continues to work with partners like the ASCCC (e.g., a resolution on the electronic textbook issue to be voted upon soon) and is actively working to support the work of the Library and Learning Resources Programs Advisory Committee (LLRPAC) at the CCCCO.

Thanks to the huge number of institutions (74 – a record!) which have already paid their CCL membership fee! I’ve never seen Business Offices work so quickly – it’s amazing!

The new year brings new opportunities (and challenges, to be sure!!). I hope that we’ll find ourselves back in that place where we can meet up at conferences, workshops, and other events. But until then, see you on the Zoom.