On the Retirement of Dan Crump

By Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director

When did I first meet Dan?  Or was he always at those (innumerable) meetings at the CCCCO?  Well, we surely connected over some agenda item concerning CCC libraries, faculty librarians and/or the students and faculty we serve -- and to this day, his voice is a recognized and respected one at the CCCCO, in the ASCCC, at his college and in his library, and among the 500+ librarians in the 115 CCC libraries.  Dan has been forever active in the work to strengthen and improve the work of our libraries, and also to support and strengthen the professional status of the faculty librarians who work in our libraries.  He has been there through thick and thin -- and, oh yes, there have been terrible times of thin! -- to promote libraries and librarians as well as to help protect them.  He has used his unique vantage point developed in the statewide arena of the ASCCC and in the work of the Council of Chief Librarians to lead, guide, counsel and toil in the trenches.  I know that Dan has been a resource to countless librarians throughout the state on issues ranging from career paths to resource evaluation to thorny and delicate local issues at a college/district.  

I would be remiss not to also note how much Dan has contributed to his library, to American River College and to Los Rios CCD.  His work and engagement in those arenas have always been guided by a fierce pride in those institutions as well as a commitment to protect, sustain and move them forward.

I also know Dan as the devoted family man, proud father, ecstatic grandfather.  He has a marvelous sense of humor, and finds connection with almost everyone.  I also know him as a self-proclaimed USC fan who nonetheless will show up at a Cal football game in a Cal shirt (!) to sit with his friends.  I am so happy that retirement will afford him even more family opportunities and activities.

I suspect that I will still see Dan at some of the state-level meetings -- and nothing could please me more.  Best wishes, Dan.  On to the next adventures