Closing Thoughts from the Executive Director

By Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director

THOUGHT #1  It seems like the colleges (and many of the libraries) are awash in money.  I never thought that I would write such a line!  But extra support funding from the State and additional educational funding from the latest Federal stimulus bill has made it so.  One district I know (4 colleges) has set aside $1,000,000 for its 4 libraries.  Even as colleges struggle with reduced enrollment, special pandemic funding (one- time, of course) keeps the wolf from the door for now.  It’s a little hard to predict what comes next, isn’t it?  And isn’t it a challenge to think long-term and strategically within the limits of one-time funding?  I hope you will all share strategies, ideas and questions on the listserv for the benefit of all.

THOUGHT #2  The Governor’s May Budget Revise will be out soon.  There have been opportunities to fully discuss the proposal to provide ongoing funding for the LSP with-level state decision makers.  But I suspect that we may not get that ongoing funding because we successfully saved and maintained the LSP program independently this year.  “Plan B” turns out to be very do-able, seems to be agreeable to the colleges and (with new staff coming on board) is poised to take some important steps into resource sharing, shared instructional development, training, etc.  I hope that I am wrong about the budget outcome, but now am very confident that we can still accomplish our goals without it.

THOUGHT #3  We are on track to match or exceed the best year for CCL membership!  Thank you to all who supported the work of CCL by getting your membership invoice paid.  Using email to send out the invoices isn’t the easiest approach, but we managed.  The Board and I will discuss how to handle next year’s invoices at the summer Board meeting.  With so many colleges (at this point) not holding on-campus classes in the Fall, another email round is likely.

Soon the year ends (shudders to a stop?).  None of us are likely to be heading for Paris, Mykonos or etc. soon, unfortunately.  Here’s hoping that you still find escape, renewal and inspiration enough to give Fall a great run!