Update from the Executive Director

Welcome back, Colleagues!  

In case you didn’t see the email …

It’s that time of year when CCL sends out the annual membership invoices (same cost as last year, $150).  And usually these are mailed... but not this year.

For the first time (and with fingers crossed), invoices were emailed. They get sent out to the person who is listed as the chief contact for your library in the CCL Directory on the CCL website.  (Note: Some libraries sent info which helped me direct the invoices directly to the correct contact, or to library’s business clerk or the dept./division administrative assistant.) 

Please (!) check to be sure that the information in the CCL Directory is current and correct!  If it needs updating and no one at your library remembers the log-in info, contact Brian Greene, CCL’s Communications Manager.

Thanks, everyone, for your help in making this work!  

Your perseverance despite amazing obstacles to good library is amazing.  I sing your praises.  Regards -- Gregg

Gregg T. Atkins, Executive Director, CCL