Library Exhibits in Support of Latinx/Chicanx Heritage Month

By Mario Valente

The MiraCosta library is pleased to showcase two exhibits in commemoration of Latinx/Chicanx Heritage Month and in collaboration with the annual Latino Book & Family Festival taking place on September 15, 2018, at the Oceanside Campus.

Voces Americanas: Latino Literature in the United States is a celebratory survey of works by Latinos in the past thirty years. This exhibit presents images of authors, books, movie stills, public presentations, and illustrations. It is based on an original exhibition at the University of Houston Library that documented a quarter century of Hispanic publishing in the United States. The exhibit will run until the end of September and is located in the Oceanside Campus Library lobby.

The Spanish and Portuguese department, its student association (SELACH), and MA Spanish students from San Diego State, University present an exploration of bilingualism and Spanglish in the United States. The exhibit includes information on the role that Spanglish plays in today’s society, its influence in forming Hispanics/Latinos’ sense of identity, and attitudes towards bilingual behavior such as code-switching. It also provides current demographic information of Spanish in the US, myths and fears about bilingualism." This exhibit, Bilingualism and Spanglish in the United States, is located on the 2nd floor of the Oceanside Campus Library and will run until the end of October.