Library playing a support role in Guided Pathways at Coastline College

By Elizabeth Horan

Did you drink the “Guided Pathways” Kool-aid yet? Coastline College jumped in with both feet and wanted the “Library” to be involved. That was great, but I was pretty confused what Guided Pathways would mean at my college. Lucky things seem to be working out.

Visual of student life cycle
   Coastline Community College Student Life Cycle

Coastline had a few growing pains but ultimately looked at Guided Pathways through the Student Lifecycle and this was a breath of fresh air for me. A call went out college wide for volunteers to be part of different workgroups and the Library became a member of the “Student Academic Persistence” work group. There are six workgroups total. A two day workshop in mid-August allowed each team to create work plans and goals for Fall 2019 and to see how the plans worked with each group. It was effective and even got me a little excited for Guided Pathways!