Consortium Director’s Outlook Report

Amy Beadle, Director

Systemwide Purchase Recommendations/Announcement

The LSP Governance Committee recently made a recommendation to the CCCCO to purchase OCLC Cataloging & Metadata and LibKey for the 110 colleges in the LSP Program. The Task Force also made recommendations to the CCCCO regarding how funding decisions could be made in the future and proposed an updated LSP Governance Committee Charter. We are awaiting responses/action by the CCCCO.

In order to keep the LibKey offer from expiring, CCL and the CCLC Consortium opted to use previously collected LSP operations funds to subscribe to LibKey for all 110 colleges in the LSP program. Access information will be provided very soon and we hope to have all colleges onboarded and using LibKey early in the New Year. Colleges that previously purchased LibKey will be issued a CCLC credit for 50% of their FY 2022-23 subscription cost.

Statewide Database Contract Award

While we wait for finalization/approval of the Butte-Glenn CCD/EBSCO contract, the CCCTC has asked for us to not make any announcements about content included, etc. EBSCO, however, offered the following:

“All of us at EBSCO would like to thank the CCLC member libraries for supporting EBSCO’s contract renewal for another five years (pending the formal contract approval by the District Board of Trustees on December 14th)!  We are excited to be able to continue providing the same package of databases that you have come to rely on.  Access to the databases will continue without interruption.”

Newer/Possible New Consortium Resources

We are considering agreements with the following vendors and have issued an interest survey that is open until December 15th.

Digital Theatre

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)


Canva (Pro Account)

Padlet (Backpack Account)


American Energy Society

JSTOR Update

JSTOR is changing how their resources are grouped and priced.  As of July 2023, the entire Arts & Sciences Collection will be one large collection - no longer in smaller collections (I, II, III, etc.). Pricing will be based on FTE bands and will be discounted for consortiums. This will allow the Consortium to provide a 25% discount to colleges and retain a 5% administrative fee.

If we are able to get all 115 colleges that provide library resources to subscribe, we would be looking at significantly deeper discounts - around 60% off their new list pricing. Again, pricing has not been finalized, but annual subscription costs could be as low as $1,000-2,000 per college if all 115 colleges opted in. More information to come in the new year.

Winter Break

The CCLC Offices will be closed December 19, 2022 - January 3, 2023. Best wishes for a lovely holiday season and joyous New Year!