Library Services Platform

Congratulations to the following colleges, who have been named as Pilot Colleges for the Library Services Platform (LSP) project:

· Allan Hancock

· Cypress

· Foothill

· Oxnard

· Pasadena

· Shasta

The Library Services Platform (LSP) project is in full tilt. This month we’re in a major feedback gathering phase. Look for an overview of the month’s activities in another message tomorrow. The rest of this message is about a feedback activity in which we’re asking ALL community college librarians to participate. 

First, a big thank you to the nearly 75% of colleges that responded to the Environmental Scan survey. This information provides valuable information for the task force and for the vendors who will respond to the RFP.  
The task force met yesterday and today to select pilot colleges. We are notifying colleges and verifying their intent to participate before we announce those colleges publicly. 

The LSP contact person at each CCC has been sent an Environmental Scan Survey and the application to become a Pilot College for the LSP project.

The Environmental Scan will help the project team establish a baseline for current system-wide practices, platforms used, and features desired in an LSP Platform. The scan is an opportunity for individual colleges to provide meaningful feedback that will directly influence how the RFP is drafted and scored. All colleges should complete this survey.

Tentative Timeline for Library Services Platform RFP & Vendor Recommendation

The Executive Board of CCL has updated the strategic plan and is sharing significant activities that require attention: