Library Services Platform Project Update: Proposed Implementation Schedule

Thank you to all who have expressed interest in serving on a LSP work group. For clarification, participation is not limited to a single representative from each college. Feel free to share among library staff and encourage involvement. See the original announcement at Interest forms are being accepted through June 13that 5:00 pm at 


As previously mentioned, the LSP project is still in contract negotiations, with hopes of an agreement being in place as soon as July. In an effort to provide timely and relevant information to our CCC library system, we are sharing some information that will become relevant should we reach an agreement with Ex Libris. As noted by Item 18-7663 on the May 16, 2018 BGCCD Board agenda, the current contract being negotiated includes the cost of implementation and the first year's annual subscription costs for all 114 colleges. Additionally, we are actively seeking resources to continue to fund the project on an ongoing basis. 


If an agreement is reached, then the following implementation schedule is proposed:


September 2018

Vanguard Phase

September 2018

LSP Participation Commitment from All Interested Schools

January 2019

System-wide Implementation Kick-off

December 2019

System-wide Alma/Primo Go-Live


The vanguard phase is an opportunity for the LSP Pilot Colleges to participate in a pre-implementation phase of the project, lasting approximately four months (September 2018-December 2018).  During this phase the participating colleges will go through the major steps of implementation, including training, data migration, network zone building, system configuration and initial workflow planning. The vanguard approach is beneficial in raising the collective knowledge and experience of the system-wide library consortium with additional time to absorb the new information about the LSP and for decisions to be made on collaborative workflows, new policies, new services, etc. that may be facilitated by the LSP. Additionally, the benefits of Alma’s collaborative capabilities are not realized until implementation is completed for all institutions.


After the vanguard phase, the 12-month full implementation phase begins (January 2019), which includes all participating colleges (up to 114).  The vanguard institutions will participate in the implementation phase, refining the work they began in the vanguard phase, as well as share their experience, knowledge and lessons learned with the full CCC library system. All participating colleges will go live on Alma and Primo in December of 2019.


Again, please note that all of the proposed activities are dependent upon reaching a timely agreement with the selected vendor. Please contact Amy Beadle, LSP Statewide Program Manager at with any questions that you may have.