LSP Task Force Needs Your Help

The Library Services Platform (LSP) project is in full tilt. This month we’re in a major feedback gathering phase. Look for an overview of the month’s activities in another message tomorrow. The rest of this message is about a feedback activity in which we’re asking ALL community college librarians to participate. 
To gather input for the Request for Proposals (RFP), we will be using an online crowdsourcing tool called Ideascale. The intent of the tool is to determine what features (large or small) from your current system you do not want to lose and what features your current system does not provide that you’d like to have. 
We are asking ALL California community college librarians to create Ideascale accounts and participate in this feedback activity. 

We have divided content in Ideascale into five major groupings related to LSP functions:
•      Discovery and User Interface
•      Resource Management, Cataloging & Acquisitions
•      Analytics
•      Circulation
•      Systems and Services

These groupings are labeled as “Campaigns” and are listed in the right-hand navigation column. Clicking on any of the campaigns lists all of the ideas we are soliciting feedback on within that grouping. You can provide feedback by
a)    Voting in favor of a feature/idea by clicking on the UP arrow next to the feature/idea.
b)    Voting against a feature/idea by clicking on the DOWN arrow next to the feature/idea
c)    Clicking on “Add a Comment” in the idea and writing something about the idea/feature (Note: you can also up/down vote a comment).
d)    Adding a new idea. If you have an idea or feature you think is important and it is not already represented in one of the campaigns, you may click on the “Submit New Idea” button at the top right corner of the page and add your idea to a campaign.
Using Ideascale is an iterative process. Based on the feedback we’re getting, we may change “ideas” to sharpen our focus around each of the five LSP functional areas.  We will ask you to log in more than once to provide feedback, and you will see that the concepts we’re asking for feedback on will change. 
We will use the feedback through these iterations to inform the creation of the RFP.
In order to provide feedback, you must first register with Ideascale.  
1. Navigate to
2. Register will your college email address (all other domains will be rejected).
3.  Confirm your account via a link set to your inbox.
4. Start participating!
Any questions can be sent to
Doug Achterman, Ph.D.
President, Council of Chief Librarians
Head Librarian
Gavilan College
5055 Santa Teresa Blvd
Gilroy, CA 95020