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Brian Greene
Columbia College Librarian
& CCL Communications Manager
(209) 518-2825

The Los Angeles Region’s bi-annual meeting on Jan 10, 2018 was a great success! We had an excellent lunch at the historic Tam O’Shanter, with a good discussion covering CCL happenings. We discussed participation in the upcoming Deans and Directors meeting (including Library Management 101), the statewide LSP project, the new CCL web site and directory, updated CCL mailing lists, and upcoming spring workshops – plus shared initiatives and happenings at our own colleges. The region welcomes José Aguiñaga from Rio Hondo, Gina Hogan from Citrus College, and Romelia Salinas from Mt.

SCIL Works 2018: Where Virtual Meets Reality: The intersection between instruction and our virtual campus communities
February 23, 2018
West Los Angeles College
Registration: $15-$45

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University of California Digital Library Forum
February 27 - March 1, 2018
UC Riverside

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For me, to be asked to write this letter for the Council of California Community Colleges Chief Librarians is a great honor. Not because what I have to say is so revolutionary, or necessarily thought provoking, but rather this opportunity gave me a reason to stop and reflect upon our mission and the concept of service. These ideals have been at the forefront of my career, as I am certain it has been or is for many of you. We, in this profession are, and should always be, looking at ways to advance these principles.

The South Coast Region had a meeting of the UX / Distance Education / Online Librarians on December 6th at Orange Coast College. This was the first time this group had met. Discussion topics included Canvas and the library, conference recommendations, best practices in the library for user experiences and other emerging topics. The goal of the meeting was to create a networking opportunity so the librarians in the South Coast region would have other librarians to bounce ideas off and to be inspired by. We hope to have meetings annually or each semester!

I don’t have to tell you that it has been a busy Fall! You live in the middle of all the change – Guided Pathways, Student Equity, ACRL Information Literacy Framework, a new State Chancellor who is certainly getting everyone’s attention! And what about FLOW? Oh, and just that little thing about teaching and serving students in the library … !

By Norman Buchwald (Chabot College), Committee Chair

Dear librarians:

We want to thank you for your input to the CCL-EAR Committee, including answering our survey for our potential future reviews in 2018.  When we meet in December as we are finalizing our Fall reviews, we will also plan our Spring reviews and plan to go forward via the direction you gave us.

Reported by Dan Crump (chair)

LLPRAC met on September 25 at the Chancellor’s Office in Sacramento.  Much of the meeting was spent in reviewing proposed changes to the Annual Library Data Survey, based on input from both the Council of Chief Librarians and LLRPAC.  The changes will be incorporated into the next survey (2016-17) which should be sent out in the near future.

CCL Regional Meeting Notes

San Francisco / East Bay Region

Friday, Sept. 22, 2017, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

City College of San Francisco, Rosenberg Library




Evelyn Lord (Laney), Tina Inzerilla (Las Positas), Vivian Kobayashi (CCSF), Michelle McKenzie (CCSF), Wendy Owens (CCSF), Chad Stephenson (CCSF), Nghiem Thai (Merritt), Lisa Velarde (CCSF), Anthony Costa (CCSF), Yi Liang (CCSF)

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EBSCO has communicated the following regarding IP’s:

In November the Council of Chief Librarians sponsored workshops developed by ACRL on Planning, Assessing, and Communicating Library Impact: Putting the Standards for Libraries in Higher Education into Action.  The participants were challenged to learn how to use the Standards to communicate their library’s impact through presentation, discussion, and group activities.  ACRL also offers this class online.

By Norman Buchwald (Chabot College) Committee Chair

Welcome to a new semester, everyone. The CCL-EAR Committee has already met on September 14 and 15 in Sacramento to discuss current electronic issues and trends, and to plan and begin work on new reviews.