1. Saddleback College Library received approval and funding to digitize the college newspaper, The Lariat. The digitized college newspaper will be the foundation of the Saddleback College Digital Archive. Many foundational materials (accreditation reports, budgets, etc.) in the Library collection will be added to the digital archive.


  1. This semester the Library is fortunate to have Marie Ingram, an intern from SJSU’s iSchool. Ms. Ingram is learning about community college librarianship and providing support to the digitization project and researching information competency/literacy in the community college system.This fall, Saddleback College Library hired Alicia Zach, as the Online Learning Librarian. Alicia has worked as an adjunct for Saddleback since 2012 and has been with the Orange County Public Library system since 2006. Alicia brings a wealth of professional library experiences including online teaching and she has secured grants that use technology to build services for the public.


  1. In a recent exchange on cjc-listserv, a request was made for visuals, or a video of a recently built, state-of-the-art community college library building.

A response from Elizabeth Horan directed readers to a video available on the renovation of the Saddleback College Library at: