ExLibris Blog Features Laney Library Staff

By Evelyn Lord, Laney College

A recent ExLibris pictorial blog celebrating the company’s milestone of 2,000 Alma customers featured the smiling, masked faces of Laney Library staff. Library staff collaboratively created the entry, including the quote attributed to the Head Librarian, over the course of several daily staff meetings on Zoom. The pictures illustrate how library staff have rallied together to serve students during the pandemic.

View the full blog here: https://exlibrisgroup.com/blog/celebrating-2000-alma-customers/

Laney Library Staff process and checkout chromebooks for students
Pictured (clockwise from left): Laney Library Technicians Lily Leung, Dominique Dozier, Leung, Dozier, Douglas Banks, Leung and Andrew Skinner-Demps (center)