LSP Update

By Doug Achterman, Gavilan College and Co-chair of the LSP Governance Committee

The LSP Governance Committee met on Friday, February 7th in Sacramento. Here is a summary of the most important items discussed:

Ongoing funding of the LSP project was not in the Governor’s January budget. There is language in the trailer bill that describes funding for California Community College technology-related projects, but that language does not specifically call out the LSP project. CCL and the Governance Committee are communicating with the Chancellor’s Office, the Board of Governors, and constituent groups who support the LSP project (CCCCIO, ASCCC, CISOA, the student senate, etc.). Stay tuned for official communications that include printed information and talking points you can use on your campus and with your board to let them know how important it is for the LSP project to secure ongoing funding.

Network Zone Work
The cataloging work group is hard at work writing policies to support the ongoing work off maintaining and building the Network Zone. Policy proposals are posted to the LSP listserv ( and the CCL-All listserv (!forum/cclibrarians-all/join) for feedback. Your input is important, as policies are agreements we ALL make to operate the Network Zone in a way that serves our entire library community best. Your feedback on those proposals helps strengthen the policies to meet that goal.

Federated Gateway Single Sign-on Issues
The CCC Technology Center is aware of and is testing a fix for problems with the Federated Gateway SSO. Stay tuned for information from them, and let your IT department know that a fix is on its way.

New LSP Consultant
Brandon Dudley, the project director for the Alma/Primo Unified Library Management System at the CSU’s, has joined the LSP project as a consultant. His focus is to facilitate the transition from migration/implementation to the ongoing use of our new system. His experience and input has already proved valuable.